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Permanent Collectors Wants

Im posting this on my main page just so I can keep up with my wants list! Ill re-post this to Pokemon Collectors groups when I find I have extra money to spend and want to see if anyone has whats on here.

Some items I want more than others, but all are on the list regardless! If you have any of these and want to sell or trade for them please let me know!!

Nidoqueen Keychain:

Lifesized Charmander Plush:

Jakks Charizard Figure

Best Wishes Charizard Plush

Pokemon Time Charizard Plush

Dont Laugh Charizard! book

These Charizard Kids

And any of the clear Charizard kids!!

Suction Cup Charizard Figure

Charizard Pokeball Keychain (does not have to me MIP)

Charizard Coin Bank

Large Charizard Coin Bank

Charizard Zukan

Thats it! you can comment below or PM me if you have any of these items. Thank you!!


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Hi there! :) I didn't see it on your wants list but I have the Charizard bottle cap figure for sale! :)
Heya there! Oh wow this is a really cute piece I love it! Im on a strict budget right now but out of curiosity how much is it with shipping to 30252?
Sorry for delay! XD I was hoping to get $15 for the figure before shipping and fees, but since I ship from UK it may be quite expensive shipping! XD But I also have some other Charizard items if you wanted to try make shipping worthwhile! :D I have a tiny Charizard 151 figure, a Hasbro figure that shoots a fireball, the old Tomy figure, and also a very cute little seal box! :) I also plan to auction off a European exclusive metal tag soon! :) Let me know if you're still interested! ^-^
Oh yea since shipping would be a lot I may have to pass! I have a budget I need to stick with for now :>
Thank you though~! <3
Hiya moths! I have a couple of charizard kids, also a charizard clipping figure and chupa if you're interested?
I may be interested yea, do you have any pictures? :>


January 27 2016, 15:41:14 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  January 27 2016, 15:42:07 UTC

Yep they can be found in my sales

EDIT: but you knew that because you asked about my charizard card, forgive my stupidity XD
Oh no its okay! I just went and looked myself since I figured it would be there ahaha~ Thanks!!
Cool cool! If there's anything that takes your fancy just lemme know :)
I will be receiving more stuff to add to my sales in Feb. And i have the charizard bank, what are you willing to spend on it? :)
Im not sure how much its worth! Id say maybe $3- $5 since thats how much Iv seen it sell for on Ebay :>

Ill keep an eye out for your sales post!! <3
Hey, I have the charizard Pokedoll figure with base but without box. I'd be willing to let it go for $30 shipped - there's one in box on eBay for $38 shipped, I think an $8 discount is acceptable since it came straight out of the box and onto my shelf? ^^
I... also have the charizard bookbag. No hangtag, tush in good condition, good condition overall. I'm kind of hesitant to let it go, though. I've had it since I was a kid. How much would you be willing to pay for it? ; ;
Oh man I would love both of those! I dont think I could afford both of them though. The bookbag is one I would want way more than the figure.. as for a price Im not sure! I saw one on ebay going for $50 so I think thats the max amount I would pay. If your looking for higher though I would be willing to throw in some physical items too if your interested! (custom items, other Pokemon merch, ect.. I have example pictures of customs if you want them).

I understand how it could be hard to let a childhood toy go though, so there is no pressure!! <3
Do you have a site with photos of your customs? :o
I have a Furaffinity but I know not everyone has a profile there.. I usually upload them to Tumblr too though! Do you want some links? :>
I did what any normal person would do before posting that question and checked your profile, haha. I absolutely love your suits and artwork, you're so talented! *0*
Oh haha so I guess you could see them on my FA huh, why thank you!! Im glad you like my work!! Here is another link for you of a post I just made on Tumblr of some older and newer 3D works Iv made if youd like to see :>

Im willing to haggle some so feel free to discuss it further with me over messages if youd like~! :>
Hey there! I actually have that charizard backpack were you still looking for it? I do have sales permission on the community as well too :)
Oh yes yes for sure!! How much are you asking for it??
I wasn't really 100% sure. Id have to get you some pictures of it I know it isnt in the absolute best condition but I still wasn't sure of what to ask for it. Did you happen to have any idea on what you were looking to spend on it?
Could you PM me some images so I can figure the worth of it? Overall pics or close ups of any major damage would be great! <3
id love to! I am not home right now but soon as I return home I can get some pics for you. Probably sometime tomorrow I can send them :)


1 year ago

Heya! I have that Charizard Pokeball keychain but it'll take me awhile to find it. I know it's with a lot of my old collection in my closet but WHERE in my closet is another question entirely.

I'd be interested in trading it instead of selling it IF I do find it.

I've been pretty busy lately but I can look for it the next time I get a chance if you like?
Oh yes please!! I would absolutely love that ah!! Iv been needing more Pokemon examples woth my sculptures too so that would be a perfect arrangement if you could find it <3