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Permanent Pokemon Sales!!

Hello everyone! Here is my permanent sales post for Pokemon Collectors! Everything is CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP! This is because Im just selling what I have that I dont want to keep and once everything is sold I wont be selling anything else besides customs. So if you want deals take a look!

I got sales permission from areica96 on 5/27/2016
Link to my feedback:
-I ship from the United States (GA)
-I have dogs and parrots in the house but they don’t touch the merch.. keep this in mind if you have allergies!
-Minimum sale price must be $5
-I typically can ship orders weekly
-I ship using USPS. All orders have a tracking number! Shipping depends on the item bought. I will ship internationally but any orders outside of the USA will have higher shipping.
-To get an item, write “I commit” at the beginning of your comment, then tell me the item(s)you are wanting to purchase! If you just want a shipping quote then ask for one following with your zip code and the item(s) your wanting.
-After you commit you have 24 hours to send the payment via PayPal.. buyer is responsible for Paypal fees! Everything is first come first served!
-I do not accept haggling or payment plans!
-I will not accept trades!
-NOTE most items here do not have tags and may show signs of love! If they are MWT or are near new I will state so in the image product. If not then assume they dont have tags.. this is another reason why everything here is cheaper.

Onto the sales!!


All plushies here are $6 each EXCEPT:
-Blaziken: $10
-Ho-Oh: $10

Sold: Wingull, Prinplup, Duskull, Kricketot, Elekid, Aipom, Marill, Bonsly (large), Chikorita

Sinnoh Starter Plushies (have battery packs so they talk BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED)
Must be sold together.

Note: Piplup has a mark on its face but it can be washed out, I just havnt had the time to do it myself


Torchic plush: $5

Note: Has some dust on face but it can be washed out, I just havnt had the time to do it myself


Posing Pikachu Figure Lot: $6

Basic Pikachu Figure: $2

Tiny Figure Lot: $3

All Figures: $4 each

Sold: All Mews, Giritina, Ludicolo, Electivire


Coin Holders: $3 each
Coins: $1 each

Sold: Pidgy Coin


Electronic Pokeball: $5 (BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED)

Vintage Pokemon Hat: $15


Pokemon Adventures: $5
Pokemon Temple of the Sea: $5
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl vol 1, 2, and 3: $10

Pokedex Book: $5
Top 10 Book: $3
Pokemon Handbook 2: $3
Note: Some may have minor wear or light scribbles

Thats it! If you have any other questions feel free to ask below!
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