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Hey there! Im new to LiveJournal but joined in hopes to find forums on fursuit/costume making to improve my fursuit and cosplay skills... and to join in on some collection forums to chat and make friends with fellow collectors!

I go to college and am majoring in Early Childhood Education but in my free time I draw, sculpt, make plushies, cosplay, collect, and most importantly make fursuits!

My arts and crafts user name is MothSicles and my fursuit maker user name is MothSicleSuits. You can see links to other sites on my LJ Bio.

I collect Charizards (from the game and animated show, Pokemon) and am hoping to find other collectors as well! I also am hoping to talk with a few other costume makers on here to to find other perspectives on crafting techniques.

I hope I get to meet lots of people on here! Thanks for taking the time to read up on my first post. Im still learning how this website works but hopefully Ill get the knack for it soon :>

Have a radical day!

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