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Permanent Collectors Wants

Im posting this on my main page just so I can keep up with my wants list! Ill re-post this to Pokemon Collectors groups when I find I have extra money to spend and want to see if anyone has whats on here.

Some items I want more than others, but all are on the list regardless! If you have any of these and want to sell or trade for them please let me know!!

Jakks Charizard Figure

Best Wishes Charizard Plush

Pokemon Time Charizard Plush

Dont Laugh Charizard! book

These Charizard Kids

And any of the clear Charizard kids!!

Suction Cup Charizard Figure

Charizard Pokeball Keychain (does not have to be MIP)

Charizard Coin Bank

Large Charizard Coin Bank

Charizard Zukan

Thats it! you can comment below or PM me if you have any of these items. Thank you!!


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