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Pokemon Sculpture Commission Information!

Pokemon Sculpture Commission Information!

I got sales permission from areica96 on 5/27/2016
Link to my feedback:
-I ship from the United States (GA)
-Sculptures are fragile so insurance and fragile packaging precautions will be in place. Shipping costs can be discussed once you have gotten a slot!
-I ship using USPS. All orders have a tracking number! I will ship internationally but any orders outside of the USA will have higher shipping.
-I have dogs and parrots in the house but they don’t touch the merch.. keep this in mind if you have allergies!
-After you commit to a slot you have 48 hours to send the payment via PayPal.. buyer is responsible for Paypal fees!
-I do not accept payment plans for orders of $50 or under.. if your order goes over that amount then we can work one out if need be!
-I will not accept trades for customs!

TeenieMon Sculpts!


TeenieMon Commissions can range from $40 to $60 but wont go higher than that. The price depends on the complexity of the Pokemon you want, the pose you want, and the base style you want! The height is usually around 2.5-4.5 inches tall.
How to get a quote:

-Comment below with the Pokemon you would like made
-Let me know if you have a specific pose in mind (remember these will be in a simplified, chibi style!).
-Tell me what you would like the base to look like or if you would like artstic freedom for the base (meaning letting me pick what the base would look like.. I usually make the base fit along the Pokemon’s type if you choose artistic liberty!).
-Tell me if youd like the Pokemon to be attached to the base or if you would want them to be removable.

From there I can give you a price!

NOTE! I can do shinys, megas, or OCs in this style! Shinys wont be extra but mega forms or OCs might raise the price! I have the right to deny your commission if I feel like the Pokemon you choose wont translate well into my TeenieMon style.

Standard Sculpture Commissions:

Standard Sculpture Commissions start at $50 and go up from there based on complexity. They can have a base or they can stand alone. You can choose the size youd like based on inches. The larger and/or more complex the sculpt the more expensive your quote!
How to get a quote:

Tell me the Pokemon you are wanting made and describe the pose, whether you want a base or not.. just a general description of what you are looking for in your piece! You can draw out a reference photo for me to use as well if youd like!
Then tell me about how large you are wanting your sculpt.

From there I can give you a price!

Sometimes commissions are first come first served… sometimes I will leave quotes open for a few days and pick from those who agree to want a slot from me. Which one of these will be stated at the top of the journal stating when commissions are open!
If anyone has any questions feel free to comment or PM me!

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